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IP Telco was founded in 2009 to address an identified deficiency in the technology and servicing needs of Australia’s small to mid-sized businesses.


Our diverse portfolio of clients ranges from retail and manufacturing to financial services as well as not-for-profit organisations.


With over 50 years combined IT and Communications experience, IP Telco company directors are recognised as technology specialists and we’re proud that our customers see us as trusted and reliable business partners.


IP Telco has developed into one of Australia’s leading, and most respected technology providers – tailoring innovative technology solutions enabling our clients to focus on their core abilities whilst increasing efficiencies and profits.


Who Is IP Telco

IP Telco Mission Statement

Guided by our focus on Technology and Support, our mission is to constantly strive to provide the highest quality of products and professionalism throughout all aspects of our Company.
We will deliver operational excellence in respect to service that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of all of our valued clients.

IP Telco Vision Statement

To become the pre-eminent IP Telecommunications company in Australia, providing innovative technology solutions that save our clients money whilst not compromising efficiency and quality. Building relationships with our clients that last a lifetime is paramount.

IP Telco Customer for Life Policy

Customer For Life is a unifying principle and core set of values that define IP Telco and our approach to customer engagement. Our goal is to build deeper and long term customer relationships, provide superior customer experiences, and ultimately, create better solutions and services. At the core of our business is a set of products and technologies that enables people to work the way the want to and delivers high quality user experiences – our culture and people aim to do the same. Read More

IP Telco Can Deliver On Projects

IP Telco prides it’s self on setting a target and meeting that deadline. With 1000’s of happy customers we must be doing something right

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