ADSL2+ Internet



Is an Internet network connectivity option offered to organisations across regional and metropolitan Australia. This service provides reliable connectivity for organisation in remote and regional locations.


ADSL2+ is an ideal network connection for:
Small Organisations
Branch / Remote Offices
Web Browsing, Email, File Downloading
Basic Online Applications


Download/ Upload Speeds

ADSL2+ offers download speed of up to 24 Mbps and 1 Mbps upload.


Upload / Download Limits

Your business can choose a suitable upload / download limit to suit your organisation’s requirements.


Managed Router (Optional)

ADSL2+ services can be bundled with a Managed Cisco Router. Managed Routers are proactively updated and maintained by our engineering teams, ensuring connection performance and reliability.


Email Security: Anti-Spam Service (Optional)

ADSL2+ services can be bundled with an IP Telco Email Security Service (Anti-Spam). See Cloud Services – Email Security for more information

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