We tailor technology solutions using leading phone system brands. Our communications specialists match functions of our systems to suit your business needs, making the most of mobile and collaboration tools to improve teamwork, knowledge sharing and staff interaction.

With rampant dependability on internet usage for even minute tasks and assignments, numerous companies are now looking for high speed internet services. The cascading demand for internet availability can be witnessed in every functional domain and area of the company. Starting with executive level to top management level, every segment is enveloped with internet service to streamline and synchronize their workflow productivity.
IP Telco bring you a multitude of high speed Internet services. our broad array of services include web and email hosting, offsite backup services, IT related outsourcing for a large number of companies and a lot more.

IP Telco’s innovative voice and data communications solutions have been designed and optimised for small and medium-size enterprises to satisfy the requirements for cost, convenience and performance.
Our integrated solutions provide converged voice, data, and applications.
We enable customers to efficiently, seamlessly and securely drive their business from where it is today to where they need it to be tomorrow. In achieving this, we manage complexity, create and maximise value, and lower risk.


Our passionate after-sales support and attention to detail has made us one of the fastest growing and most respected voice and data communication solution providers in Australia. We understand it’s important that everything ‘just works’, that switching suppliers is easy and problems are resolved fast. What’s more, you won’t get lost in the system or ever have to speak to a robot, just our friendly, straight talking Australian based experts. We believe that our job continues long after our clients’ systems have been installed.


Our communications solutions give customers “choice” by enabling them to evolve to new technologies on their terms, at a path and pace of their choosing. Our solutions are designed for wide interoperability, based on an open architecture and industry standards.

We help you Position your business for future growth with a tailored solution that will help to transform the way your staff communicate and collaborate. Keep ahead of both your competitors and your customers’ expectations.



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